Rabbi Italki

Expert in traditional Jewish congregational structure, Jewish liturgy, and Oral Torah, Rabbi Italqi is based in Jensen Beach/Stuart Florida, USA. Heading Sulam Ya'aqov Inc., an organization based on Jewish outreach and proper Torah study for all, his goal is to make sure that people of all backgrounds are properly taught Torah so that the stigma disappears regarding the Jewish view on life. His purpose is to make sure that everyone applies their religious experience and learning to their everyday lives so that they can make a positive impact on the world and not just sit in their own established religious circles. Torah is a light and we should be sparks that cause ignition for spiritual growth and depth for all people.

Rabbi Italki has taught various religious classes and courses over the past six years globally and has traveled the world, speaking in front of thousands at conferences in Romania, Italy, Bogota, Colombia, Singapore, Canada, and the USA. When he is not teaching, he is still very active in the music and television industry. Rabbi Italqi has authored two books, including a Siddur, and is currently working on his own commentary for the Siddur. Rabbi and his wife Keturah have four children and enjoy relaxing and having fun in the sun.

To contact Rabbi for speaking engagements, opportunities to teach, or to engage with your community, please send all inquiries to the following email: